Westcoast Rapper B.T. Lucci Drops "80's Baby Syndrome" Video

Westcoast Rapper B.T. Lucci Drops "80's Baby Syndrome" Video

Hard beats and hard rhymes; both have been core staples of Hip-Hop since the culture's inception. And while artists of today often circumvent this with gimmicks, an artist that combines the two cannot be denied. It's a simple formula that is and will always be effective.

Hailing from Altadena, California, B.T. Lucci brings this formula to life and is excited to release his critically acclaimed album "210 West" to the masses on August 16, 2016 via Corporate Scaliwagz/Sound Unity Entertainment. This release is the perfect project to vibe to for the summer and to listen to when riding your whip. The album is cinematic, motivational, memorable, exciting and passionate.

"I am extremely proud to release my new album 'D.J.B.Original Present: BT LUCCI 210 WEST'. I put my heart and soul into this project. The album truly shows the duality of me. I've seen parts of this world that many of both my friends and colleagues don't know about; let alone understand. I was deep in the streets at one point, but I changed my life and entrenched myself in the corporate side of things," B.T. Lucci explained.

Adding, "Most people that come from where I come from never get the chance to see both sides. This album exhumes this idea. You really get to know me on this album and that is what makes it special. I really delved into my soul when writing the music for this album, which is also why it is so special to me. The listeners will definitely be engulfed in my world on this one. I hope everyone enjoys the piece of art that I and my producer D.J.B.Original put together for the masses."

Spearheaded by the banging lead singles, "80's Baby Syndrome" and "Thrive In Both Worlds", showcases why B.T. Lucci is a breath of fresh air in the oversaturated urban music market. The lead singles are making an impact among DJs and fans alike.

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