Sylvan LaCue – Hello, Good Morning | Stream [New Song]

As if “Goodnight Goodbye” wasn’t enough for y’all, Sylvan LaCue decides to drop off a second record today called “Hello Good Morning.” Here’s what he had to say about them…

"These songs reflect two parallels of the times we've recently entered." Says Sylvan. "I wanted to speak my mind on whats been happing in the world from both spectrums. Goodnight Goodbye speaks from a frustrated standpoint, while Hello Good Morning speaks from a place of resolve & love."

Take a listen to the WhiteRose-produced cut and share your thoughts below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Mmmmm Bible verses sent to my phone
Felt like you could use this yeah yeah you would say
Ice lattes, LA mornings hello good morning
Today might be a good day

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