La Scrilla Releases Debut EP "Against All Odds"

Savannah, GA – La Scrilla has put his hometown on his back as he begins his journey through the music industry with his Against All Odds EP, released today through his No Loss Entertainment with the help of Street Execs.

The six-track project has no features and tells the story of life in Savannah, Georgia. The lead single is “On Me” and represents the responsibility that La Scrilla feels to put on for his people.

“It’s a little bit more about the type of person I am,” he says to HipHopDX. “Everything on me, even this whole city is on me. It was definitely just the vibe. I was just getting in the studio at the time and there was a lot of people in there and I just wanted to show people a great time.”

La Scrilla knows the impact that music can make and wants to bring something different to the table rather than flexing and trying to stunt.

With all that’s going on in the world, we need songs to be positive and make these streets great and keep it great,” he says.

He also uses music as his personal therapy and has learned the value of patience and how to understand people through a short stint in prison a few years ago.

“With me having a voice now, it’s just crazy I can sit here and really express things,” he says, “always been keeping bottled up forever.”

Stream La Scrilla’s Against All Odds below:

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