Kitty Pack has released another orginal track entitled "Infamous"

is back with a brand new track!  Last time we featured it was for their first original track “Bullets”. They were topping about 835 followers and now they are up over 1K. While the remixes they do are a little more known this duo is starting to lay their own sound down.

Staying true to their tune “Infamous” is a deep bass house track. For the most part, the track is steady, clear and carries a steady vocal throughout the whole 3 minutes. One could say a more subdued track airing on the deep house side. However, The Artist Union refers to the music as “amazing VOX work and deep/dark vibes, it takes inspiration from Brazilian Bass tracks with a little US influence on top.”

Can you feel the hype with “Infamous”? Take a listen below and don't forget to like the track if you enjoy what these guys are working on.


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