Kevin Gates Criticizes Black Lives Matter For Hypocrisy In New Video [New Video]

Kevin Gates has some things to say.

Kevin Gates is a man of principles. Those principles may not always align with the rest of society, but he rarely violates his own moral code. Apparently, this also applies to Black Lives Matter. Gates posted a video in which he does not think highly of the movement.

His reasoning isn’t far from the “All Lives Matter” folks, but it hits with a bit more force because Kevin Gates has lived that life. He’s since reformed, and he has very little sympathy for people who commit violence against their own while simultaneously decrying violence from police. He’s not wrong, but he also overlooks the fact that ghettos are not monolithic – the people campaigning for Black Lives Matter are not necessarily the people who are gunning each other down in the streets.

It’s a massively complex problem to solve, but just because police brutality and gang violence are related, doesn't mean you can't be against both.

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