K Classic – Watch Em Hate | Download & Listen [New Song]

Keron Wilson is an artist who goes by the name K Classic, and was born in Mount Vernon, New York. While he defines himself as a rapper, his latest record, "Watch Em Hate," is a dancehall-influenced number, a sound that has been recently influencing rap releases. "His interest in music began in second grade participating in extra curriculum activities such as chorus, jazz, African dance and band, where he learned to play various drums," he writes of himself. "Coming from a musical family, in 6th grade his uncle taught him a few basics for the piano then brought him to a local studio to make beats. From then music became his passion. As his keyboard skills developed so did his interest in writing rhymes. K Classic since then has forged ahead writing all of his songs as well as making his own music. Making him a well rounded musician. His goal is to be the sought after producer for artists working on albums, as well as the biggest rapper in the game."

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