Jhene Aiko Targets Young People & Launches New #PennysPen Campaign

For people who have been following the talents and missions Jhene Aiko over the years, we’ve grown to know and learn just how multifaceted she is. Being very instrumental, a huge piece behind all the talent that she has shared with us over the several years is the singer’s monumental love for writing. Displayed through her countless works, music, and poetry, Jhene expands on that love with a new campaign.

Launched alongside 2017’s National Day Writing, Ms. Aiko has birthed her new #PennysPen Campaign, alongside the educational collective, Get Schooled.

Recently visiting her former teachers to speak to students, Jhene Aiko spoke her mission to influence young people and help them understand the power writing and expressing themselves more through written material. While being a campaign geared towards the youth, many the core goals and themes can be applied to those us who are riding the bumpy road adulthood and are looking for a means release.

To learn more about Jhene’s campaign and Get Schooled, you can dive deeper ’s Get Schooled’s website, here.

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