Death Grips Side Project I.L.y.’s Share Surprise ‘Scum with Boundaries’ Album

Rap adventurist's Death Grips' busy weekend began with a video upload for their Bottomless Pit track "Eh," and continues with the unveiling of a new album from band members Zach Hill and Andy Morin's I.L.y.'s side project. Their Scum with Boundaries is out now.

The 11-track release was issued over SoundCloud today (July 16), marking the first release from the unit since their 2015 debut, I've always been good at true love. While the makeup of I.L.y's had been put into question when that earlier album had first been tweeted out by Death Grips, the band later confirmed that the music makers were in fact drummer/beatmaker Hill and guitarist/bassist Morin.

This time around, the pair deliver fritzed-out beats and falsetto vocals on "Disastrous Looks," contemplate the true meaning of being "hardcore" on grungy alt-rock exploration "Peace and Quiet," and mix death screams with industrial beats on "I'm Gonna Have Sex."

You can sample those pieces and more via the player down below.


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